Xbox One X E3 2017

Last week started off all fun and games. No, seriously, it was the beginning of the E3 gaming expo and there was lots of new gaming stuff to see, including a powerful new Xbox and even a new Super Mario game! Later in the week, however, things got serious. Here’s a rundown of some of the other big stories in the tech world.

Paper or Plastic?

Amazon Dash Wand

Amazon bought whole foods for a hefty $13.4 billion, at which point your friends got on social media and made jokes about how that’s “almost enough to buy some asparagus water at an actual Whole Foods! LOL.” Snark aside, it’s a pretty big development and it could affect the way many people shop for food—and pretty much everything else.


Yahoo is now officially a part of Verizon, which led to some considerable staff reductions, including the departure of CEO Marissa Mayer. The merge probably won’t affect that secondary Yahoo email address you made to sign up for sketchy online accounts, though. At least in the short term. Many of the services like Tumblr will operate under the Oath brand name, which also includes Engadget

Hash-tag Sale

Instagram is implementing new labels and layouts for sponsored content to make it easier for follower to identify when a post is bought-and-paid-for. Some users will be surprised to find that C-list celebrities aren’t as naturally enthusiastic about teeth-whitening products as it may have seemed previously.

Notable Kickstarter: A Roomba for Weeds

Plant roomba: Tertill

It’s like the Terminator, but for weeds in your garden.

Roboticist Joe Jones is responsible for creating the adorable vacuum robot known as the Roomba. Now, he has created a similar device called the Tertill that patrols your garden looking for unwelcome weeds, which it then dispatches using an integrated string trimmer.


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