Back in March, the US government banned all electronic devices larger than cell phones on certain flights due to security risks. This ban created many controversies as people were unable to work on long flights. Some airlines even started offering their own laptops to passengers. A HoloLens workaround also surfaced online recently.

Today, the government of United States has lifted its electronics ban for all flights of three major airlines, namely Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways, and Emirates Airlines. The ban is lifted from all electronic devices that previously weren’t allowed, such as laptops, tablets and e-book readers. The remaining six airlines still remain subject to the ban.

The news comes just days after the ban was lifted for all the flights from Abu Dhabi International Airport because of enhanced security measures.

Even though the ban still remains on some airlines, this announcement will give people some relaxation while traveling through these three airways.

Source: TechCrunch


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