If you’ve been thinking of buying Samsung’s latest flagship handsets in the United States, you might want to get your credit card ready. The company is currently offering a significant discount off the Galaxy S8 and S8+, along with a trade-in deal giving credit towards its new devices.

Samsung is giving all buyers $100 off either handset when they purchase an unlocked model from its website, reducing the cost of the Galaxy S8 to $624.99, and the S8+ to $724.99.

But in addition to that, the company is also offering $200 towards the cost of each device, when you trade in “any smartphone running iOS or Android Operating System”, regardless of its age or original value. (Bad luck to Windows phone owners thinking of getting a Galaxy S8.)

As you would expect, some terms and conditions do apply, but the most important one is that the handset be in “good condition”, as defined by the company:

  • Powers on and holds a charge;
  • Has a functioning display;
  • Has no breaks or cracks or other visible defects that go beyond normal wear and tear;
  • Is not on a black list of any kind; AND
  • Has Reactivation Lock, Google FRP, or any other anti-theft protection software disabled.

If you’re trading in an iPhone 6s Plus, for example, that $200 deal suddenly seems a lot less generous, and you’ll probably be better off selling the handset elsewhere to get more money for it. But if your device is older, or you have a budget or mid-range phone that you’re happy to part with, it might well prove to be a pretty good deal when purchasing the new Samsung handset.

Including the $100 discount, and the $200 trade-in deal, the price of the Galaxy S8 will fall to $424.99, while the S8+ will set you back $524.99.

There’s a further bonus for customers with certain Samsung devices who wish to take advantage of the trade-in deal. Those trading in a Galaxy Note5 or Galaxy S7 will get $300 towards an S8 or S8+, while the Galaxy S7 edge will get a $350 credit towards their new device.

Be aware that the trade-in offer is also available for those purchasing AT&T, Verizon and US Cellular models of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, but if you’re buying one of those carrier handsets, you won’t be eligible for the $100 discount.


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