While having a presence through social media is quite common these days, there is still the risk of having one’s identity stolen or image being used without permission. Facebook is trying to curb the latter behavior by implementing some new safeguards for users in India.

The service will be offering new tools to give users more control over their profile pictures. When an account holder enables Profile Picture Guard, there will be a new blue border that surrounds the image and also a shield logo that appears on the bottom. By enabling the feature, users will not be able to download or share the image.

The second safeguard is that only you and your friends can tag your profile image. Lastly, when using the new service, there will be the option of adding a watermark over the image, which should make folks less likely to steal it.

While there isn’t an exact explanation on how Facebook will prevent screenshots, it does state that it has a way to mitigate the behavior on Android handsets, but that people will still be able to continue this activity on desktops and laptops. Although this most likely won’t stop the problem dead in its tracks, this is a first step to making the experience a safer one.


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