Following E3 2017, the console wars seem to be heating up. In the last week alone, Microsoft and Sony execs have clashed over Sony’s allusion that its reluctance to enable cross-party play with Xbox stems from concerns over the Xbox community not being safe for young audiences. This was then followed by a statement from Sony’s Jim Ryan claiming indie games weren’t as relevant and meaningless, to which Microsoft again took offence.

Now, Quantic Dream, the developer of upcoming PS4-exclusive Detroit: Become Human, has sent out a tweet deriding the Xbox platform and referring to owning one as a ‘dilemma’.

The tweet was soon met with severely negative feedback from gamers, many of whom took issue with Quantic Dream’s alleged insult to Xbox gamers as follows:

Wow, I was interested in Detroit Become Human but since some devs think it’s cute to bash Xbox fans I’ll pass.

I mean a developer puts out that it’s not about how good their game is, but how much owners of another console suck?

As a result of the reaction, the tweet was soon pulled, only 3 hours after being sent out. While Microsoft seems to be trying to extend an olive branch to Sony, it would seem that tensions on both sides of the aisle are still running high.


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