G20 macht Hamburger Pizzaboten zum Social-Media-Star

A video of a hamburger of Hamburgers, who with his delivery moped undaunted by the violent G20 protests, has become a hit in thesocial networks .

The image of the 27-year-old Benjamin appeared in US media as well as in numerous Twitter and Facebook accounts and was divided a thousand times and geliked. One of the first tweets was directed against CDU general secretary Peter Tauber : “If the hell is going on in Hamburg, but you have to make one of your three minijobs as a pizzabote …”, Koney123 twittered .

The online magazine Fink.Hamburg found the pizzabots. He told the magazine that he had been on the way back from a delivery. “The policeman said I was going with my scooter,” he said. “It was really dangerous. There, too, stones flew. “In the end, he managed to keep it intact in his branch.

Another tweet of the riots broke down in social networks: Comedian Andre Kramer held a sign in the demonstration with the inscription “I am a resident and just go to Edeka. Thank you.”. This photo, too, was divided a thousand times and called the retail group on the scene.

This posted on his Facebook page a photomontage with a second sign: “Stay home.We’ll bring you something. Please. “Whether Kramer actually lives in the area or whether it is a particularly sophisticated marketing action, was initially open. At the time of the demonstration there were no open Edeka stores in the area. dpa


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