Essential began the beta testing for Android Oreo on the PH-1 back in November and has so farreleased three builds for the device. In its testing, the company has found the Android 8.0 version of Oreo to be unstable and has decided to skip it


In a tweet posted by the company it was revealed that the feedback from the beta testers pointed to instability in Android 8.0, as a result of which the company will be seeding a beta version of Android 8.1 Oreo soon. Unfortunately, this also means that the final rollout will be delayed due to the change of plans.

The company has mentioned that it would require “extra couple of weeks” for further testing and the final release, but since the original release timeline isn’t clear enough this could be longer than what the company is suggesting. Ultimately, PH-1 users will have to gather some more patience for a company infamous for delays.

Source and image: Essential


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